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    Hello to all, I am a Jew from Sao Paulo, Brazil and for many years now i have been following Israeli football watching as much as i can the NT, the clubs in European competitions and the league itself.

    I have been reading the posts on this forum recently and it really inspires me to keep informed and in touch with what the fans comment about Israeli football. This is a very nice forum with good people. Unfortunately despite speaking Hebrew it is not good enough to keep a really high level conversation or to explore my ideas and don´t have a hebrew keyboard either reason why i am writing to you in english.

    Another reason for why i am posting here is to ask for your help. I am a member of an english based website for more than 11 years called xtratime where i have been moderator of the Israeli section for around 5 years now. In the last year some of the regular posters left leaving the Israeli section a bit weak and with a threat of closing.

    So my current mission is to revive the Israeli section not only to bring in new members be it Israelis or Jews and talk about football, but also an equally important mission of giving a good image of Israel abroad which we all know it is very important.

    In any moment i wish to take people from posting here (it wouldn´t be the case since the forum characteristics are different) but a sincere help to upgrade our image and discussion in a greater community. Hopefully i didn´t offended anyone with this message and if i have done so i am sorry for it.

    Wish the very best to all people around and wait for your replies. Any doubts i will be happy to answer.

    Here is the link of the Israeli section:


    Thank you!

    Love Israel! Am Israel Chai!


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